Oakland, California 94612, United States


There are times when we may find ourselves standing on the edge of our lives, looking in, and no longer able to see ourselves in the world we created.

My clients often struggle with feelings of unworthiness, isolation, and disconnection from the life they’ve built, relationships they’ve chosen, or are carrying grief from the past or recent present that they cannot seem to let go of.
I work with people who are searching for their authentic voice, yearn to reconnect to their intuition and ancestral wisdom, and create a sense of home in their bodies and lives. They realize that their depression, anxiety, grief and feelings of being lost are signs for them to look closely at the landscape of their life and discover what is calling for their attention beneath the surface.

I offer intuitive, holistic, expressive arts-based psychotherapy that is rooted in the world of Spirit, Afro Indigenous wisdom, somatics and clinical practice, to help build a bridge between the life you have and the life you are dreaming of.

My approach is based in Jungian psychology with a focus on the subconscious, attachment theory which explores early childhood relationships, emotionally focused therapy that helps to build intimacy and vulnerability between partners, and expressive arts therapy which combines talk therapy with images, art making, movement and music to help communicate what exists beyond words. I specialize in working with women and femme-identified people, first generation, immigrant and refugee communities, sex positive and polyamorous relationships, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and creatives. I acknowledge how systemic oppression and violence affects these communities and hold a loving container for your experience.

Together we will explore the unconscious lands of your feelings and choices, examine the invisible ancestral patterns that have influenced your life, while using the creative tools of image and art, dreamwork, ritual and storytelling to cultivate connection, self awareness and empowerment, choose your next steps with clarity and live your life with freedom.

I offer in person sessions in downtown Oakland and online appointments throughout California. My rates are $180-$225 per session at a sliding scale.

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