I am an EMDR-trained, child/adolescent & young adult psychotherapist who has created a safe space providing services to strengthen the most vulnerable populations. I use meditative practices to reduce anxiety associated with traumatic memory. Things such as childhood traumas, environmental factors, depression, anxiety and adjustments can all effect the way one interprets life. For Caregivers: With treatment catered to your child's specific needs, I will begin the process of helping them heal through therapeutic play, relaxation techniques, listening skills, while also engaging the family to formulate best treatment for the child.
I am also a trauma-informed therapist who caters to those who have witnessed and have been directly impacted by various forms of traumas, including intergenerational traumas. My specialties include (but aren't limited to), problem-solving treatment, anxiety, depression, onset psychosis, self-harm, child-focused and trauma-focused CBT, and major defiance.
I aim to de-stigmatize mental health in black and brown communities by providing expertise and compassionate care. I find that when we allow ourselves to open up and become vulnerable to the treatment process, there are hands and arms waiting to embrace. Starting your child early with treatment is essential. You nor your child, doesn't have to do it alone.

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