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*Currently accepting new clients*
Your friendly neighborhood therapist here to help guide you to and through self-growth, self-exploration and discovering your most authentic self. The journey starts from within, and I am here to simply help guide. Taking that first step towards self-care with therapy can be a really intimidating or even scary task at first. But it is not by chance or coincidence that the thought of therapy was triggered. Something in your life has brought you here to this exact moment, so why not take the chance, you owe it to yourself. So, let’s start your journey today. I also believe in incorporating health and wellness into therapy, as self growth requires a holistic approach . You can't tend to the mind and forget about the body. I believe that taking care of yourself physically is also an act of self care and tending to your mental health. I strive to help my clients also understand the connection between mental health and physical health , how important it is not to neglect either, I do this by collaborating the education of a healthier life style in regards to nutrition and exercise with my therapeutic practices.

I am a Licensed mental health professional in south Florida with over 7 years of experience. I specialize in substance abuse, anxiety, depression, PTSD, marriage & couples, adolescents. I provide individual therapy, couples and families.


Your therapist,

*Currently taking medicaid and cash pay, until further notice. My apologies.”

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