I am a researcher of sexual trauma in the Black community with a current emphasis of working with Black women with a history of sexual trauma who are looking to create a more fulfilling relationship with themselves, their bodies, and with others and are ready to lean in and do the work. I am looking to support motivated women as a "Clinical Companion" on their journey to wellness while guiding them through a framework I created specifically for this demographic, a therapeutic modality titled Self-Reconciliation Therapy (SRT).

I am a trauma-certified "Kink Conscious" Sex Therapist with a specialization in somatic healing and hold a doctorate in Clinical sexology with a background of research in the sexual trauma of Black women. I bring all of my knowledge, skills, wisdom, and expertise to the aid of those I have the honor of supporting.

I truly embody what I teach. My framework of Self-Reconciliation includes four pillars which are: Awareness, Acceptance, Attunement, and Atonement and were developed from my own journey of healing from sexual trauma.

"I never understood how much it meant to be understood until someone came along who really did understand."
~Yulinda Renee~

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Kink in Community
This is a monthly group creating "brave space" for those who identify as kink and are looking for communal support to navigate life stressors, such as grief, life transitions, relationship struggles, etc.