Hi! I’m Dariel; like Ariel, but with a D! I’m so glad you chose me and this space for your journey. Welcome!

I work with clients ranging from teens-adults experiencing mood and anxiety disorders, work related stress, life transitions, relationship, and self-esteem issues, as well as grief, loss, and trauma. I assist with learning how to manage the difficult emotions these experiences can have, in order to navigate towards a place of healthy growth and healing.

When I see clients, we focus not only on what you are struggling with, but also what you have done well in the past or are currently doing well. I believe it is as equally important to focus on strengths and effective skills as it is to focus on weaknesses and maladaptive behaviors, in order to gain greater awareness and deeper meaning.

I believe therapy should be a safe space where one is comfortable to be themselves; being vulnerable can be a very scary concept to process and go through, which is why it is important to meet clients where they are, but also help them learn and understand that therapy is a collaborative relationship. Let's work on your healing together!

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