Hello I'm Yolanda. I am a sex and trauma therapist. Often times you way want to or do engage in sexual activities but find that you don't feel fully connected, or maybe something is triggered or maybe you just aren't interested and experience a lot of anxiety around that. I can help you work through all of that.

I use IFS (Internal Family System) for all of my trauma work. I believe we develop parts of ourselves based off of experiences we have throughout our lives. Sometimes those parts work super dilligently to protect us and sometimes they lead us instead of our self energy. I use IFS to help you reconnect to your self energy, understand your parts (as connected to your trauma) and develop ways to unburden those parts that's leading from the pain of the trauma(s) you experienced.

If I've said anything that has resonated with you, I would be honored to be a part of your journey to healing.

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