Do you feel weighed down by feelings of anxiety? Are you stressed out or feel alone. Are your thoughts distracting you throughout your day and keeping you awake all night? Do you find disappointment in waking up each day knowing that despite how loud it is in your head, you must appear to have it all together? Symptoms may manifest in your life such as excessive worry, self-doubt, anger, irritability, lack of motivation and social isolation. These symptoms that you are experiencing are exhausting and interfering with your quality of life. It's time to reclaim your life!

There is no magic trick that automatically eliminate stress, depression, and anxiety; however, with the utilization of positive coping skills and challenging negative thinking, your responses to stress/distress can be different. My therapy style is collaborative in which you and I work together to discover creative solutions to presenting problems.
Many individuals believe that therapists have their life all together. The truth is, everyone has a mountain to climb. I am climbing my mountain while you are climbing yours. We will always climb our mountain until the end; but, we can get better at climbing, and appreciating the journey. That is what therapy is all about. Let us figure it out together.

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