Wyvonne is a Christian, licensed professional counselor and a former nationally certified guardian. She resided in Anchorage Alaska for 14 years, before returning to Maryland during the COVID pandemic. She is a survivor of domestic violence, a songwriter and recording artist, an author, advocate for the special-needs population and the founder of Wyvonne Publishing, LLC. Wyvonne manages a private practice called Starburst Counseling & Wellness, LLC. She provides individual & group mental health counseling services and promotes wellness of the mind, body, and soul. Her motto is Life is Messy, Don’t Do it Alone.

Wyvonne is a Christian. She personally believes in God. She understands how important it is to have a Christian counselor. If this is something you want to integrate into your counseling process, she can do this and can use the Bible and your relationship with God to help you with whatever struggles you have. Integrating God and your beliefs is not a requirement to have counseling, but it is something she can offer. Wyvonne desires to assist you with discovering the good that God has built and is building into your life and relationships. As obstacles are identified that hinder the expression of who you are in Christ, he will help you begin the pathway of transformation toward a way of relating that is healthier, a way to grow in loving others well.

Wyvonne has worked in several capacities for the local government in the state of Alaska, including the Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Senior & Disabilities Services and the Department of Corrections as a mental health clinician, and as a nationally certified guardian with the Office of Public Advocacy.

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Group Therapy Details

CBT Group for Anxiety and Depression - Learn strategies and techniques to cope with depressive thoughts, worries and rumination.

DBT Skills Group - If you’re feeling stuck in emotional suffering, a DBT therapy group can help you better manage mood or behavior instability; poor self-image; negative, judgmental or rigid thinking; and relationship issues. DBT therapy can also help with: depression, self-harm, anxiety, trauma & PTSD, eating disorders, alcohol/drug addiction, suicidal thoughts/urges, and many other areas in which you may feel stuck.

PARENTING SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN SUPPORT GROUP - Join other parent's and caregivers of children with mental and behavioral challenges for conversation, peer support, and information about community resources for your family.