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In order to make therapy more equitable and cost effective, I have reduced my out of pocket fee. I still offer free 10 minute consultations. The initial diagnostic session is $125.00 and each session moving forward is $100.00. I also accept love land vouchers.

Have you struggled with feelings of isolation and hopelessness? Are you having issues with racing thoughts and feeling unreasonably worried? Do you find yourself feeling easily irritated, experiencing difficulty sleeping and concentrating? You do not have to feel alone or feel isolated. You are a human being that is experiencing life and deserves to have your experience normalized. You also deserve clinical guidance from a qualified clinician.

I offer clinical solutions based off of qualitative data. The Qualitative data is you!! Together we take a look at your unique experiences and your current social environment and how these factors correlate with your overall wellbeing. Based off of this clinical evidence you and I work together to discuss a therapeutic solution.

You deserve to be seen and have your unique experience normalized. Together we will assess each aspect of your life and I will recommend services to help you attain the solutions you desire. I offer a free 10 minute consultation, do not hesitate to reach out.

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