Constant arguments followed by times of silence. Moving like two ships distant in the night. Worried about being disconnected and possible divorce. Does this sound like you? You feel like you and your spouse cannot talk about anything. Sometimes one or both of you feel misunderstood, overwhelmed, or unheard. Hope for the relationship is fading because trust and partnership are waning. You feel unloved, unvalued, and unwanted.

Your biggest desire is to partner again, love, trust, and have fun once again. You want to feel valued, wanted, and connected with your spouse. I will work with you to understand the emotional content that hijacks your relationship and teach you how to safely communicate with one another. Safe communication builds trust, intimacy, love, and partnership.

As a therapist who has been married over twenty five years, I understand the ups and downs of a relationship. As a pastor, I also understand the role of faith in strengthening your relationship. Visit our website for 24/7 online scheduling or give us a call. Sessions are available via video or in person.

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