Hello, I'm Wenona,

As a child have you ever felt alone and that no one liked you, yelled at or felt rejected? Or were you the subject of bulling or being teased? What about as an adult? Have you felt like you’re constantly being insulted, blamed, belittled, or felt like you don’t have a voice?

Emotional abuse is just as damaging as, if not more than physical abuse. It is often unrecognized and ignored as the scars it leaves behind are unseen. Emotions cry like this. “I don’t want to experience this pain anymore. I want it all to go away. I can’t take it anymore. Why must I be in so much pain that is invisible to others but excruciating to me? Ouch!

Its ok to start small. By an inch is a cinch, by the yard its hard. Don’t rush the healing process. I can help you move from pain to promise and from victim to victor. It’s your time to rewrite your story and polish the jewel so the formers cries of Ouch will become silent.

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