Hello potential gardener! My name is Isoke Baptiste, founder of The Wellness Garden. I’m a board-certified mental health nurse practitioner with a holistic approach to health, which means, when consulted, I touch upon every area of your life. As a mother, an inherent caregiver, a constant gardener and a human above all else, I take pride in seeing the full humanity in people. I also recognize the role systems play in our internal worlds and the lives we lead, which is why I prioritize equal access, personalized care and patient education in my practice.
My main job is to educate you and help you understand the state you are in. I am here to help you see why you feel a certain way and how your mental state is connected to your physical health, affecting everything from your immune system to your vital organs.
I, myself, began my healing journey in 2010 to achieve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance I craved for many years. And, it was precisely this transformation that inspired me to study nursing and launch The Wellness Garden, and to bring this powerful experience to people like me, people in search of meaning, peace, abundance and happiness.

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