If you are a BIPOC woman struggling with life stressors, mental health issues, imposter syndrome, self-esteem, trauma, racism in the workplace, generational trauma, or more, it is time to give Well-Play Counseling & Wellbeing Center a call. We have trained therapists waiting to assist you in your healing journey. We create a safe healing space free of judgment and shame so that you can heal. We are eclectic in our approach as one size does not fit all, we have therapists who specialize in CBT, inner child, Brainspotting, EMDR, and other modalities. Ready to heal, give us a call.

Our goal is to assist women of color to heal from the inside out. Healing the inner child, desensitizing old traumas, providing tools and healthy coping skills to improve your mental health. We will encourage, motivate, coach, and inspire the woman who is ready to move past the pain and create a life not driven by fear.

Our team understands how difficult it is to dig into your past and face your pain, each therapist in the practice is here because we have all had to do the challenging work of healing and understand the importance of having the right therapist. The right therapist will allow you to get vulnerable and from vulnerability comes great healing.

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