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Welcome! I am Vonetta Blakely, and I am an independently licensed clinician in North Carolina and South Carolina who has dedicated my life’s work to helping individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by Autism, developmental disabilities and learning differences. My work is inspired by the appreciation of the differences in ALL of us.

If you are a parent who is feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained or anxious, I am glad that you are here. At Rooted Therapeutic Services, you will receive nonjudgmental support and guidance. As a professional who is also the parent of a child with Autism and developmental differences, I am here to provide a safe and confidential space to help you process the emotions that you’re experiencing and guide you in taking concrete steps forward in your journey.

If you are an adolescent or adult who feels different because of your unique experience of living with Autism or other developmental differences, I am here to help you explore the stressors you are experiencing. Together, we can work to help you create a spirit of self-acceptance to help you live more comfortably and confidently.

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