Pressure makes Diamonds; Irritation makes Pearls - this is my personal motto.  Allow me to help you help yourself.  My personal experience and acceptance of alternative lifestyles and multiculturalism places me in a keen space to work effectively with individuals from many backgrounds.

I'm a unique combination of experiences - my ethnicity, gender and life experiences all contribute to my understanding of the world. I'm more than a textbook counselor. I have an undeniable edge in building rapport. I am also listed with the NCSF - National Coalition for Sexual Freedom - https://www.kapprofessionals.org/business-directory-3/voicedmania/

I'm a human with real issues. I have been blessed to have strong enough empathy with others in order to help them. I'm supportive and accepting of people wherever they are at that time. My ethics are high and firmly established. I have experienced many things in life. Those things have given me an edge that helps me reach others in a successful way.

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