As a relationally based therapist, my hope is to build a strong rapport with my clients to allow for a safe space of discovery and change. As we build a therapeutic relationship, we will be able to discover inner strengths and I will encourage you to face life’s challenges with perseverance and grace.
Much of my approach is rooted in the belief that everything makes sense in context. When we’re walking through moments in life depressed, anxious, or distressed by any other life circumstances our thoughts and behaviors can align with our response to life’s difficulties rather than our character.
I work to earn the trust of my clients by helping them know that their experiences are valid and have played an important role in shaping who they are. Clients experience me as warm, empathetic, and non-judgmental as they share their experiences and work through their struggles.

Clients I work with: Couples & Adult Individuals

Issues I work with: Anxiety, depression, life transitions, communication, conflict management, blended families, pre-martial, trauma, shame, body image, sex therapy, substance use, parenting, affair repair, rebuilding trust, coping skills, trust, emotional intimacy, connection, grief & loss.

Treatment Models I use: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Theory, Emotion Focus Couples Therapy, Imago

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