My clients include men and women experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD, domestic violence, grief and loss, substance abuse and stress. I am a skill based therapist who intentionally creates opportunities for you to learn and adopt more useful skills to manage the issues that brought you in. Clients enjoy my eclectic therapeutic style as "I don't believe in a one size fits all" approach.

I am trained in some of the latest counseling techniques such as DBT and EMDR in addition to the more traditional ones. I also have extensive experience working with those impacted by substance abuse addiction. As a therapist, I understand how families of origin set the tone for future emotional well being, relationship, coping skills and behavior. What we learn from them serves as the blueprint that is used throughout our life until it no longer works effectively or is useful.

I believe that everyone has a right to heal and that counseling is a mind, body and soul process. As your therapist, I facilitate the process but the real work comes from you. Together, we are a team helping you to become self aware, your best self and achieve mental wellness. We set goals that are your own, are realistic and most importantly achievable. My goal is to help you get better and provide you with tools so that you eventually don't need me.

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