My name is Vickey Hart, and I am a clinical mental health counselor providing therapy and counseling services in Arizona. I firmly believe that YOU are the expert on YOUR own life, and YOU have the tools within YOU to manifest the energy, love, and laughter that YOU deserve. YOU deserve to be seen AND heard. YOU deserve to have access to culturally relevant mental health services and support. YOU deserve to cultivate a personal path to mental wellness without having YOUR lived experience reduced to a pathology or diagnosis code. YOU deserve the life that YOU want.

As Black women, WE stand at the intersection of multiple overlapping social identities that can contribute to our strength and threaten our vitality. We are SURVIVORS. WE SURVIVE a workforce that uses the best of what we have and gives us nothing in return. WE SURVIVE romantic relationships that leave us battered and broken emotionally and physically. WE SURVIVE growing up in broken homes, witnessing domestic violence and substance use in communities riddled with violence and absence of hope. Yet, despite everything that WE, as Black Women, endure, WE maintain our self-worth and dignity. WE preserve and uplift our communities. WE take care of the children. WE are the "strong one" in the family, in our friend groups, and the community.

All of the benefits, but at what cost? Behind closed doors, the weight and the stress of it all is killing US from the inside out at an alarming rate.

WE are more likely to die while bringing a new life into the world than any other female demographic on the planet. WE are overrepresented in demographics for stress-related illnesses like diabetes and hypertension. Far too often, to bear the brunt of the load of our obligations AND THE OBLIGATIONS OF OTHERS, WE overeat, WE don't sleep, WE suppress our emotions, WE smoke/drink/abuse substances, WE smile through tears, WE GRIND, WE don't ask for help, WE die. But there's hope in healing.

I am committed to the advocacy and support of Black women to get the healing that WE deserve. As a therapist, my job is to partner with YOU as YOU identify aspects of YOUR life that no longer serve YOU and support YOU in breaking barriers that inhibit growth and mental wellness. Together we can address generational trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues, grief/loss, stress management, and LGBTQIA+ concerns to promote the healing YOUneed. I am here to listen, hold space, advocate, validate, affirm, and facilitate a robust therapeutic alliance where YOUhave the freedom to be vulnerable, access to resources, and experience wholeness and peace. If I'm not the right person for YOU, I am committed to helping provide resources and connections to someone else who can. Let’s add healing to the list of things that we do best. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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