Life often presents challenges and difficulties in areas of parenting, grief/loss, anxiety, depression, trauma, anger or in relationships. You may be experiencing uncontrollable thoughts or memories. Life may seem unmanageable. You may feel uninterested in things you used to enjoy and disconnected from people. You may be experiencing increased anxiety. Relationships may feel strained and not what they used to be. You may just feel like you would benefit from talking about your concerns with a professional. You may need help regaining a sense of hope for your life and coming to know the immense worth and value you have as a person.
Services offered include individual, group, parenting, family, couples and Christian Counseling. We work together to identify situations, behaviors, and thoughts that interfere with your wellness. I'm passionate about encouraging and supporting you in building and maintaining great relationships with yourself, family members, and the community.
Challenges in life impact each person differently. Your treatment will be specific to you. I demonstrate non-judgmental and compassionate acceptance of others, which allow you freedom to be transparent. If your goal is to gain insight into your own behaviors, become a better spouse or parent, or become more motivated to achieve your goals, I am here to help.

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