Stress, anger, depression, and anxiety can really impact your overall functioning and quality of life. Are you facing issues that you need help to work through? Do you have a life goal that you would like to achieve? Is it difficult to adjust to lifestyle changes? I recognize that our problems seldom exist in a bubble and that more often than not they are a direct reflection of our upbringing, past trauma, and/or our environment. Clients often cherish my ability to balance warmth and unconditional positive regard with challenging maladaptive beliefs.

Investing in counseling can yield long-term rewards to influence healing, intimacy, and wholeness. Acquiring necessary tools for healthy growth can be invaluable to achieving an authenticity of self. We will endeavor to enhance your life through increased self-awareness, personal growth, and self-acceptance utilizing the modality most beneficial to you.

Deciding to go to therapy may be a difficult decision. However, therapy can help you process complex emotions and strengthen your relationship with yourself and others. Therapy can also help you learn new ways of coping, especially during a pandemic. I welcome the opportunity to meet you and I'm honored by your consideration to allow me to journey with you.

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