I especially enjoy working with BIPOC Mothers on their health and wellness. I love helping new Mamas redefine their sense of self post-baby, navigate their journey of Matrescence, and create harmony between Motherhood's demands and the rest of life's demands. When a baby is born, so is the Mother, and often we do not focus enough on Mama’s needs, issues, goals, story, and wants. It's vital that she, too, has space to process, learn, grow, and heal throughout Motherhood; and the intersectionalities of every aspect of her life.

I like to bring the focus back on the Mother, not to be yet another reminder for her to practice self-care, but to guide her in figuring out what it ALL looks like for her in the current season she is in her life. I take a holistic coaching approach in how I serve clients as a Holistic Psychotherapist, which means we'll touch on nutrition, stress management, self-care, body movement, and restoration. I also use bodywork modalities and encourage complementary therapies as an adjunct to our work together.

Together we'll explore sources of stress, improve coping, structure your day-to-day, build a realistic personal wellness plan, discuss the ebbs and flows of Matrescence, channel a defined version of Self... and more. If this sounds like the work you need in this season of your life, I am happy to be your partner in sorting it all out and creating impact.

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