Are you tired of hearing “you’re just nervous, you’ll get over it”? Or worried your family won’t accept your partner due to racial differences? Maybe you’re recognizing that what you’re experiencing warrants more than “just talking it through”? As a therapist, part of my role is to help you identify your strengths and areas for growth -many of which may have roots in your cultural upbringing. Culture can affect most everything - the range of emotions we access, how we parent, and how we build and sustain interpersonal relationships. In our work together, you can develop new ways of navigating life while staying true to who you are.
Discovering what is blocking you from having more fulfilling relationships may also be important to you. Perhaps, there is a disconnect between how you view yourself and how the world views you. Or your upbringing may have contributed to current maladaptive patterns. We will work to understand how your internal world and the external world are affecting you.
Through a multicultural lens, I utilize a psychodynamic and person-centered approach in encouraging authenticity and acceptance. The healing journey known as therapy can be a great start in uncovering mental barriers to authenticity. As daunting as therapy may seem, I look forward to meeting you at the intersection of compassion, warmth, and acceptance.

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