Vitality Wellness Solutions PLLC specializes in sexual health and maternal mental health.

The hardest part of prioritizing your wellbeing, like driving a stick shift car, is getting out of first gear. In order to drive a stick, you must drive with both feet, one foot operates the clutch – which allows you to switch gears- while the other controls the gas-pedal for speed. You also must use both hands to drive a stick, one hand steers the car while the other controls the gear shift. When all parts work together, you can successfully operate the vehicle –driving, steering, and getting to your destination. Once you’re moving, it’s easier to maintain momentum. It’s figuring out the rhythm of managing your hand and eye coordination and driving with both feet that you have to conquer in order to get out of first gear.

When it comes to mental, sexual, and maternal health, getting out of first gear is a challenge for most of us. In fact, many of us avoid stick shift cars altogether and opt for automatic options. Driving a stick requires us to unlearn the ways in which most of us originally learned to “drive.” Once we get in the driver seat of the stick, it can be overwhelming, and we think we have to get it all at once.

Truth just is, we just have to commit to the process and get in the car. The fundamentals are the same for many, but operation depends on your car’s specific needs. In this process, I will ride shot gun to help you identify parts of the car, road hazards, blind spots, emergency exits and the scenic routes.

Since you are reading this, I know that you are behind the wheel and ready to drive. I am here to help you navigate your journey. I am passionate about providing a safe place where people can pull off their masks, take off their capes, be truly authentic, and not feel judged in their most vulnerable state. I use an individualized, strengths-based approach with a focus on insight, pleasure and empowerment.

I have over 10 years’ experience working with women, couples, and professional athletes. I am certified as maternal mental health clinician, as well as a Certified Sexuality Educator. I am ready and willing to work with you and will be committed to being that support system that you need. At Vitality Wellness Solutions PLLC, my mission is to help individuals thrive by finding individualized solutions to life’s challenges.

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