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Have you found yourself questioning your purpose? Your emotions? Having difficulty setting or sticking to your goals? Feeling Stuck? Unappreciated? Are you tired of hearing about how "strong" you are? Are you in need of some Non-biased, Non-judgmental guidance and clarification?

Being a “Strong Black Woman” superhuman capable of withstanding all manner of pain, both physical and emotional, has become an unhealthy, unmerciful badge of honor.

You owe it to yourself to seek an outlet, an unbiased professional that looks like you, to help you explore emotional and psychological issues that may hinder your growth and stop your healing process.

My name is Tasha Kassar and this is my guarantee:
•I will acknowledge your pain and fears while challenging you to show up as: “The Best Version of yourself.”
•I will provide a safe space.
•I will show up and be prepared to help you do your work.
•I will challenge you without judgment and criticism.
•I will personalize care specific to your concerns and needs.
•I will support you on your self-love journey and equip you with tools to live fearless in every area of your life.

"Nobody else will ever be able to save you if you're not fighting to save yourself."

Schedule your free 15 min consultation today and lets get to work!

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