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You are driven, strong, smart, dependable, and have achieved several of your life goals.

You are the person many look up to and family members don’t have to worry about.

Yet, you constantly doubt yourself and achievements. You never imagined your determination would become the barrier between you and the life you so desperately want. You spend your days taking care of your responsibilities. But at night, you lie awake feeling smothered by self-doubt and tormented by anxiety. If feels like no one sees the burdens you silently carry every day. And while you provide a shoulder (or maybe even two lol) for those you love, you wonder who will realize that you're in need.

Imagine waking up with the confidence to build and chase your dreams. A safe space where you can pull off the cape, take off the mask, and just be real. I will provide a harbor where you can explore your fears and voice your needs.

I will provide the tools you need to heal from the pain of the past and become the "BEST" version of yourself.

You deserve a safe space where you don’t always have to be so strong.
I offer online scheduling and virtual sessions on weekdays. Therapy can fit into your hectic schedule with a few clicks. Set aside some time for self-care today. Send me an email or go to Chosencounselingservices.com to book your free 15-minute consultation. I can't wait to work with you!

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