Hi, my name is, Tzia Hibler and I am glad you have taken the first step to seeking support in your life. Challenges, barriers and setbacks happen in life for many reasons. Every battle does not have to be faced alone. I am here to support you in what you want to face.

I take a client - centered, strength based approach to work through goals and process feelings. I will support you in seeing where you have control to take action, find acceptance, and challenge thoughts. I am a LCSW ( Licensed Clinical Social Worker) licensed in Illinois. I have my Master’s in Social Work with a concentration in schools, from the University of Illinois - Urbana, Champaign. I have experience in the public schools, and community based practices as a therapist and social worker working with a vast array of demographics. I have worked with ages 0 - 65. I have worked with my community to provide clinical services to community violence victims, teen parents, youth and families, LGBTQA+ and individual’s with learning disabilities. No matter your walk of life or journey, I will treat you and your story as a unique situation to you.

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