Are you ever curious about why you do the things you do? How you end up in the same negative relationships or why your adolescent continues to make unhealthy decisions? Through our experience, We’ve learned the importance of the connection that we have to others and how it impacts the healing of an individual. Often times, feelings of depression, anxiety, and difficulties within relationships with others are derived from previous experiences/ traumas that cause us to be “stuck” in unhealthy patterns of living.

We believe in connecting with each client through exploring their current living patterns that have them in unhealthy relationships, making poor decisions and/or struggling to maintain daily living. We work collaboratively with clients to create new patterns in their relationships and in life to get “unstuck”.

We believe once you have been able to explore your past relationships/traumas, you will be able to begin healing from past hurts, connect more with your authentic self and work towards improving your current and future relationships.

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