Do you feel like you can't move forward, invisible, misunderstood, outcasted, unappreciated, or your voice doesn't matter? Finding spaces where you can truly show up as your whole self without fear of judgment can be challenging. More than ever, people need a support system that guides them through life changes. You may feel like you have lost yourself in the twist and turns of life, but you can talk about it, and together, we can find solutions for change. I was drawn to Social Work for many reasons. The field drew me in because I have always wanted to guide others through their healing journey and help them evolve into better versions of themselves since I was little. Much like the Caterpillar transforming or changing into a Butterfly, I help you become a better you by breaking away from the cocoon that was your past self by tackling issues of grief, stress, and anxiety, helping to form or create coping skills to handle the stressors of life better, and so much more. Solutions for Change offers individual therapy, parenting classes, and a grief support group. Whether you feel stuck or ready to grow, I'm prepared to meet you where you are.

Practice Details
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    511 South Davis Ave.
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    In-Office Only
  • Hours of Service
    Evening (after 5p), Weekend (Sat/Sun)
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  • Group Therapy Available
Group Therapy Details

Grief Group and Parenting Group