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Tranquilla Golden-Taylor is a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern based in Central Florida. She has served the community in various capacities over the past 10 years from juvenile probation to teaching to therapy. She specializes in relationships, anxiety, depression, and self-actualization. Her mission is to help individuals manifest the best version of themselves by challenging them to explore their past traumas and inner workings.

Individual Therapy

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life right now? Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Are you looking to become your best self but don’t know where to start? Is your past hindering you from becoming your best self?

I’m here to help! Tranquilla helps clients struggling with managing life transitions, stressors, work-life balance, self-love/esteem, trauma, depression, anxiety, and self-actualization. You’ll feel renewed as we work together to help you create your optimal life. Tranquilla will work with you to develop quality coping skills for mental health stressors and develop a greater sense of self by finding balance in your life without feeling constrained by your past.

Using Solution-Focused Therapy and Internal Family Systems, Tranquilla will approach your concerns with care to help you find solutions as you work towards your breakthrough.

Couples Therapy

Are you and your partner(s) working through relational baggage? Infidelity? Family adjustment after kids? Communication issues? Trust and intimacy issues? Conscious uncoupling?

While these things are daunting and can cause cracks in your foundation, Tranquilla will help you repair your relationship by addressing your concerns in a safe, neutral environment. Each party will have a chance to address their concerns to co-create the future you deserve.

Clients will develop increased communication skills, gain a greater foundation of respect and friendship, prioritize their relationship again, find a balance between family time and relational time, and will rebuild their trust and intimacy.

Tranquilla helps clients become aware of their individual and relational needs using The Gottman Institute as a framework to strengthen each person to elevate the relationship.

Family Therapy

Are you and your family adjusting to new life transitions, i.e. the teenage years, empty nest syndrome, and caring for parents? Could you use some help with parenting a unique child? Are you ready to eradicate generational trauma? Are boundaries necessary to protect your peace? Are you a single parent seeking a village to help you manage your plate and/or advice?

Tranquilla coaches families so everyone leaves feeling they’ve been seen and heard by their family members. Each client will develop a level of differentiation from the family by establishing boundaries, breaking generational traumas, and letting go of expectations.

Her primary family therapy model is Bowen’s Intergenerational Theory as it allows her to uncover unhealthy patterns from your family of origin that may have spilled over into your nuclear family. This revelation allows you to remove those expectations placed by your family of origin so you can re-write your narrative with your nuclear family to create a healthy, safe space for you and your loved ones.

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