Are you feeling heartbroken, drained, hurt, tired, or unhappy? Do you find yourself struggling with unhealthy relationships and repeatedly falling for the wrong partners? Is the chaos in your work and home life so debilitating that you are ready to lay down your Superwoman cape in exchange for happiness? Stop beating yourself UP! Your LIFE IS CALLING YOU! And it's time for you to answer. I believe we each inherently have everything we need within us to meet and overcome our life challenges, smash our love and life goals, and find authentic happiness. REAL Happiness begins with GRACE and HEALING!

With me, you'll find a safe, judgment-free space where you are heard and your experiences honored. A place where you can recover from toxic relationships, a place where we focus on Healing, not hiding. Let me be your guide through this process, you don't have to be afraid - you are not alone!

We'll work together to uncover tangible tools that help craft the life you want and deserve. A life where you find the balance between loving & supporting others, erecting boundaries, and taking care of yourself. Call me, let me join you as you begin taking your life back, one loving decision at a time.

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