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Greetings, my name is Tracey Easton, I'm an LSWA, I am committed to helping you deal with your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are affecting your daily route, your way of being your best self, your mental health and/or relationships. I use a variety of therapeutic interventions, although Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will yield optimum results for you. These techniques will help challenge negative thinking and introduce new and positive ways of thinking. They will also encourage the development of new behaviors to replace old behaviors that are not working.
Many people come to counseling because they want to make significant changes in their lives and are interested in the supportive, non-judgmental assistance that counseling can provide. Others seek counseling because change or other difficult circumstances have been thrust on them, and they want some assistance in learning to cope healthily with such changes.
My goal for counseling is to assist you in making positive steps toward achieving wellness. Whatever your reason for coming to counseling, I will offer you all the professional expertise I have to give.

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