The Self-care Experience provides dedicated counseling & coaching services for women who juggle multiple roles and don't put themselves first. We are intentional about helping women understand the true meaning and value of taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. If you feel burned out, anxious & stressed, this is an indicator that you are not taking good care of yourself. Maybe you struggle with setting healthy boundaries and you feel unappreciated, unseen and unheard in your relationships. Let's heal your childhood, social and relationship trauma so that you can finally live Authentic, Happy & Free!

You are a priority! When working with me I take you on a journey to explore and expand your Identify, Mindset and your Environment. Understanding the woman you have become provides clarity for becoming the woman you want to be. Together we heal your wounds, breakdown barriers preventing you from fully showing up as the woman you desire to be & we take action.

I invite you to take this opportunity to finally work on yourself and make you a priority for a change. We cannot pour from an empty cup and we are no good for the people we love if we don't take care of ourselves. Break the cycle, increase your confidence and obtain professional guidance on how to fully love your life & the people in it. Book a Free Call!

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Group Therapy Details

Growth Groups provide specialized coaching for women who desire to develop themselves Mentally, Emotionally & Socially. Whatever you are going through, you are never alone and you don't have to suffer in silence! Building a healthy community is a vital component to your growth journey. Some of the benefits include: Different Perspectives, Accountability, Self-discovery, Motivation, Confidence. GROUP TOPICS: Relationships, Parenting, Confidence, Boundaries, Self-care, Anxiety/Stress, Mindset, Shame, Fear, Codependency, etc. GROUP DURATION: Groups will run from 6-8 weeks at a time meeting 2x per month. GROUP SIZE: 6-8 members-small, intimate setting for security & growth.
VIRTUAL option available for those outside of Memphis, TN