Marietta, Georgia 30060, United States of America


As humans, we struggle with our emotions. They are complex, uncomfortable, painful, and confusing. We would much rather avoid difficult conversations, suppress feelings we don't like, and focus on "the good stuff." While that sounds nice, we know that's not how life really happens. Even when we try our best, we still find ourselves trapped in cycles that leave us unhappy and far from God.

Christian Counseling is absolutely necessary. As believers, we need a specialized approach that acknowledges our humanity without neglecting our core biblical beliefs.

Our humanity needs space to be angry, struggle, or disappointed without being judged or condemned. We need room to learn and grow with grace, love, and patience. At the same time, our core biblical beliefs urgently remind us that we will be held accountable for our actions and our primary goal in life is to be like Jesus.

We need counseling from someone who is trained to BOTH identify human needs and skilled to navigate spiritual challenges from a biblical perspective.

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