Mental health is consistently changing. My philosophy is to not stigmatize mental illness but to promote mental wellness. My approach focuses on creating a safe space where clients feel heard and understood. Mental health is important, and no one should feel discouraged to seek the help they need. Trauma or disarrangement in life affects people from all cultural backgrounds and it is important to find a person to guide you through these hardships without judgment of your choices. The goal is to continue the meaningful life that YOU want.

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling to provide holistic and other integrative approaches to any life stressors. I have worked with HIV, domestic violence, homelessness, and LGBTQIA+ communities and I have been grateful to experience each one of them at different points in my life. I look forward to meeting you and pursuing your counseling journey. This is your time for a change.

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