Think about these questions to see if this healing space for you: Are you seeking a safe space to talk? Do you need to learn how to identify and process your emotions? Do you want to learn to put yourself first in a healthy way? Do you have anxiety about changes in your life ? Do you feel stuck in your life or relationships? Do you experience racial or generational traumas/patterns that you want to heal/break? Do you often feel sad and don't know why?
I created Timmons Therapy Solutions to be a space held for men and women of color so they can not only go on their journey to wellness but have a place to feel really seen. My passion is guiding people of color (BIPOC) on their healing journey. Timmons Therapy Solutions provides a safe, culturally affirming and nurturing space to explore, unpack and reframe the distresses that come up as you move toward healing and wellness. The approach to therapy is from a holistic view; we see the whole person. Our holistic approach includes traditional therapeutic processes but also anti-oppressive/liberation practices, spirituality, meditation/mindfulness, nutrition, sexual wellness/positivity and self-care.

Timmons Therapy Solutions offers individual Therapy for adults who seek a nonjudgmental space to explore any situations or triggers from your past as well as the present that affect your thoughts, behavior and reactions. This space will assist you in gaining clarity, reframe your experience and learn how to better cope so you can have a more positive future. Couples Therapy is also offered to any couple having relationship and communication issues within their partnership.We work with couples to help couples feel seen, heard, comfortable and free to share, grow and move toward a better version of their relationship.
We acknowledge the complexity of Blackness/being a person of color and this is a space to feel empowered to move through all environments as yourself.

We look forward to being your guide on your journey to wellness. Be Well!!

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    Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Greater New York Area
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    The Bronx
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    New York
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    Online Only
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Group Therapy Details

Self-care group offered once per season ( next group Mar 2023). Writing as an emotion an outlet group will be starting in Feb. 2023.