Fayetteville, North Carolina 28312, United States


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate. I have experience working with Families, Children, Adolescents, and Women. I am passionate about providing clients with a person-centered and integrative care plan that fully addresses mental, emotional, and interpersonal situations that they may be coping with. I am welcoming of all spiritual beliefs (particularly knowledgeable in Christianity and African Traditional Religions), sexual/romantic orientations, and gender identities. My goal is that clients make steady and long-lasting progress.

My specialties:
- Identity & Self-Esteem
- Life Transitions
- Spiritual & Religious Problems/Trauma
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Communication
= Family & Relationships

I do not prescribe medication, as I am not a medical doctor with the credentials to do so. However, if medication is a necessary step, I will assist you with understanding the process of setting up a psychiatric evaluation and/or starting the conversation with primary care provider.

I am currently affiliated with UCA Behavioral Support Services as an independent contractor providing therapy services through the agency.

You can reach me by calling or texting (910) 227 9360

Practice Details
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    North Carolina
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    Online Only
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  • Group Therapy Available
Group Therapy Details

I am currently formulating 2 groups:

Group 1: Children with uninvolved parents
Group 2: Single mothers of boys with uninvolved fathers
Group 3: Survivors of Domestic Violence & Sexual Trauma

It is important that we realize that we are not alone, even in situations where we feel like we are. Others are experiencing the same things and on the same healing journey as you. Knowing this could provide some comfort, and in the safety of a group of similar people, you may be more open to sharing and healing.