I am passionate about working with people from disadvantaged backgrounds, communities, and upbringings. I pride myself in standing up for human rights and social justice for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, racial background, ethnic background, religion, or any other social category. I recognize that therapy is a big decision for most people who identify with these groups. If this is you, I assure you that it is a step in the right direction. Take a moment to thank yourself for beginning your healing journey.

I believe in providing my clients with all the resources that they need through an eclectic approach. This means that I am flexible in the way that I conduct my sessions, and willing to take as many different approaches as necessary to meet your mental and emotional needs. Therapy is not one size fits all, so your sessions will be specifically tailored to you!

If you are looking for a therapist that is not only understanding of your needs in sessions, but defends your needs through social advocacy, I invite you to schedule a free consultation call with me.

My specialties:
– Identity & Self-Esteem
– Life Transitions
– Spiritual & Religious Problems/Trauma
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Communication
– Family & Relationships

You can reach me by calling or texting 910-227-9360. You can schedule a free intro call using this link:


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    North Carolina
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Group Therapy Details

I am currently formulating 3 groups:

Group 1: Children with uninvolved parents
Group 2: Single mothers of boys with uninvolved fathers
Group 3: Survivors of Domestic Violence & Sexual Trauma

It is important that we realize that we are not alone, even in situations where we feel like we are. Others are experiencing the same things and on the same healing journey as you. Knowing this could provide some comfort, and in the safety of a group of similar people, you may be more open to sharing and healing.