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Time For Change is an agency that caters to the at-risk youth and adults whom may have experienced trauma or have suffered in a mental health capacity to change behaviors successfully. Time For Change's ideal clients ranges from 18-65. These individuals ideally can be suffering in landing, keeping and maintain employment for the benefits of career establishment. These individuals can be navigating career paths in the midst of going through a psychological set back. Time For Change offers one or one therapy services with navigation of career experiences, which may be constantly affected if not dealt with through therapy.
Our therapist has specialized knowledge in bio-medical psychosocial aspects of disabilities as it pertains to the capacity to work. Time For Change has over 15 years of mental health experience. These experiences, coupled with career counseling, can set an individual up for great success in dealing with their setback in a therapeutic setting.
Time For Change wants individuals to know that if they see a behavior pattern that results in not moving forward, demotivation around career choice, and or loosing of multiple jobs this could be the clinic for you to navigate with. Time For Change wants individuals to also know that navigating these issues should be done with a professional whom understands.

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