Hey Sis. So proud of your interest in healing, wholeness and restoration.

My approach leads with helping clients connect to their intuitive strengths. I incorporate interventions that bring mindfulness and somatic connection to the forefront. I am trauma-informed, and social-justice centered. For me, much of what impacts people in Black bodies stem from impacts of inter-generational trauma, white supremacy, systemic oppression, disconnection from community, land, and ancestral values/practices.
I incorporate mindfulness, and the exploration of spirituality as essential components to one’s core identity.

I devise specific treatment plans that may include utilizing journaling, worksheets, art, music, narration, nature and adventure to process your thoughts, emotions, and connect to who you are. The main frameworks I utilize are Brainspotting, Transpersonal Therapy, Existential Therapy , and Ecotherapy. My main interventions are Brainspotting and Mindfulness.

​My hope is that you will gain the tools that you need, to develop a source of confidence and intuitive choice making. I work with clients impacted by eating disorders, childhood trauma, grief, and esteem/identity/existential issues.

Looking for someone that will give you a gentle nudge, provide applicable tools, and help you reach the uncomfortable parts of self, let's chat.

I see individuals and provide various groups. I am only private pay. I do not accept insurance but am able to provide superbills.

You can schedule a complimentary consultation by visiting this link https://calendly.com/beinfinitetherapy/consultation

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Group Therapy Details

All groups are $50 per week.

Everyday Grief
This group is created to support individuals dealing with daily grief. This is not a death-related grief group. Daily grief comes up with any experience of loss or transition in life. We experience distress because of relationships, changing roles, marital and relationship status, and various identity markers. We are not often educated about the suffering that occurs in life outside of death-related loss; however, in modern times, many stressors and choices lead to failure and transitions quite frequently.
Available Apr 19, 2023- May 31, 2023; Wednesdays at 5:00 pm PST

General Bereavement
This group is created to support individuals dealing with a death that has occurred at least 1 year. Attendees will receive psychoeducation about the symptoms and impact of grief, as well as experience the space to process with other community members. Support can be helpful even if time has passed. This group is intended for individuals who may have delayed grief support and want to challenge themselves to process their emotions around the long-term impact of their loss.

Available: Apr 18, 2023- May 30; Tuesdays at 6:00 pm PST

Wounded Inner Child
Many individuals have been exposed to dynamics and environments during childhood shaped by dysfunction and/or maltreatment. Such exposure may have caused stunted psychological development and created frozen aspects of one’s identity. Many may be biologically an adult, however, may revert to a “child” in behavior or expression when challenged with interactions that activate shame, anger, injustice, embarrassment, loneliness, or fear. In this group, we explore your inner child wounds and tools that allow you to re-parent yourself healthily and create safe, nurturing, and affirming psychological environments for your “inner child.”
Available April 17, 2023- May 22, 2023; Mondays at 7pm PST

Exploring Self and Purpose
This group allows participants to process feelings of confusion, doubt, imposter syndrome, fear, and hopelessness that often come with feeling lost or disconnected from the purpose and meaning of life.
Available Apr 19, 2023- May 31, 2023 ; Wednesdays at 6:30 pm PST

You can email info@be-infinitetherapy.com for more info.