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Are you tired of the nonstop replay of “I’m not good enough/I’m not worthy,” “people are doing better than me” or “I’m broken and can’t be fixed?” Most aren’t aware that they’re constantly telling themselves these stories through their inner chatter. It can leave you feeling inadequate, sad, frustrated, alienated or tense to say the least. Or it may cause you to say “yes” to that thing when you really wanted to say “hell no.” On some level you’ve come to believe these thoughts as facts and are fed up.
I want to reassure you that this won’t last forever. You CAN wake up feeling rested because those thoughts didn’t keep you up last night. You CAN say “No” without having to explain yourself nor feel guilty. You CAN feel happy, inspired, motivated and relaxed. You CAN ask for what you need and want. You CAN define your own success without fitting into some else’s box.
I imagine that if you’ve clicked on my profile you’re saying “enough is enough already, I want to change this narrative” or maybe you’re questioning if you deserve to take time to care for yourself through therapy. The answer is “Yes, sis!”
I take the approach that you are more than your story. To create change I incorporate principles of CBT to reframe thoughts from “People are doing better than me” to “I’m doing what’s best for me given my own determined journey.” Along with mindfulness strategies to tune into and connect with your intuition, body, and the present moment. Clients who work with me can appreciate that I sprinkle in some humor, because who doesn’t need a good laugh every now and then. It’s too much to be serious ALL the time.
You’ve waited long enough and you deserve. Reach out today to schedule your appointment! I can be reached via email at: tiffany@ctsatherapy.com or by phone: 443-567-7037.
You can also visit the website, www.ctsatherapy.com, to learn more about the other services offered.

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