Are you emotionally constipated? Are you trapped in your mask? Are your past wounds impacting your present relationships? Is your plate overflowing with life's' demands and your noticing increased anxiety and stress?

I am here to align with you, become your ally, and explore your journey through a safe, non judgmental, relaxed, and supportive environment. I am passionate and committed to helping adults heal from sexual trauma, manage anxiety, build self esteem, navigate grief, and explore other traumatic experiences.

While being culturally humble and trauma informed, we will use a holistic approach to address the needs of your mind, body, and soul. I will incorporate Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Somatic Therapy, and mindfulness techniques during the journey. Lets address great self care strategies, boundaries, mindful communication, and skills to keep you present and thriving.

I commend you for taking this courageous, yet vulnerable step. Let's join together to release pent up traumatic experiences, restore overall well being, and become empowered to redefine your metamorphosis. You deserve to be heard and supported as you release, restore, and redefine!! I can't wait to empower you, support you, and align with you in a safe environment to release to reach your optimal potential.

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