Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in Texas specializing in anxiety and depression in high achieving and empathic individuals. I have 12 years of therapy experience in domestic violence, community mental health, child and family therapy, play therapy, and inpatient therapy.

Feeling "Some Type of Way"?

You have probably been told to "just chill" or "calm down" more times than you can count. And none of those times ever actually helped you.

You are a "go-getter' but sometimes you are paralyzed with fear of making the wrong decision.

You find it hard to trust others because you don't trust yourself.

I like to look at emotions as house guests. Emotions, like house guests, are designed to be temporary. Your relationship with them changes the longer they stay around.

Anxiety is the one at the door peeking out the window but not telling you what's outside. They say "believe me, it's bad out there."

The house guest that teaches us quite a bit but seems useless is Depression. They are the one on the couch telling you, "It's hopeless" and "why bother?" Depression convinced that there is nothing worth even going to the door for.

Therapy is a space to unpack your emotional baggage and decide what to keep, what to toss and what doesn't even belong to you (inappropriate guilt).

You will be surprised and quickly you find relief when you have someone to validate your story. I can help you find peace, power and joy right where you are.

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