I think I was always a therapist. Growing up, I was the one my friends and family members turned to when they needed advice or simply to talk about a problem. Looking back, it seems fated I would eventually make it official by going to school to study counseling.

Today, I provide counseling and culturally- and trauma-informed care for women, women of color and LGBTQ+ professionals. I view therapy as a pathway for growth, transformation and healing. My 20+ years of combined experience in for-profit, non-profit, hospital and private practice settings have contributed to my collaborative and compassionate approach to therapy.

I specialize in assisting Millennials and Gen X clients with depression, anxiety, work-life balance, trauma, as well as queer identity and exploration. I offer support to experienced counseling clients and those seeking therapy for the first time.

I provide clients with an open and affirming, safe, warm and welcoming presence free from judgment to allow the telling of their life stories. I believe acknowledging and integrating unique influences of culture, ethnicity, spirituality, religion, gender and sexual orientation allow clients to be fully “seen” and contribute to them receiving the greatest benefits from therapy.

In my work with clients, I use psychodynamic, CBT, mindfulness, somatic, attachment, spiritual and coaching interventions. I am somatically trained and a DARe attachment practitioner. My education in counseling, divinity and business allow me to accompany clients on journeys toward more meaning and connection in their careers and personal relationships.

My practice is private pay. I do not accept insurance but will provide clients with statements for potential reimbursement from their PPO insurance providers.

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