Are you tired of having the same argument with your partner? Do your emotions feel overwhelming? Are you walking a fine line between coping and falling apart? When life gets hard, we can start to feel and behave in ways that make us unrecognizable to ourselves. I am passionate about working with individuals and couples who feel stuck, rejected and alone. Whether the struggle is new or long-standing, to struggle does not reflect weakness. Instead it reminds us that we are human, and as humans, we tend to do what works, until it doesn't. When that happens, change is necessary. Using dialectical and attachment-based approach, we will balance accepting the things we cannot change and changing the things that are unacceptable. Together, let's explore the patterns that have prevented you from having the life you desire and from embracing your "enough-ness".

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Group Therapy Details

Black Girls Heal is a psycho-educational and process group where women of color can explore the ways we have been condition to "hustle", recognize the effects of grind culture and redefining rest. Additional topics include: self-care is not selfish, feeling to feels and trying softer. This group will also help foster community connectedness and a sisterhood as members explore and challenge the messages that keep them stuck in survival mode and learn strategies to slow down.