*I am a Tricare Select provider only

Is this you?

Feel incompetent despite knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Are concerned others will find out who you “really are.”

Think what you do is never enough.

Rarely celebrate accomplishments before moving to another task or project.

Believe everything in your life has to be “perfect.”

Wear multiple hats (e.g. mom, wife, CEO, sponsor) in your life and feel pulled in multiple directions.

Believe you have to meet everyone’s needs.

Find time for others but have difficulty making time for yourself.

Struggle with self-care.

Believe you don’t deserve or shy away from recognition of your accomplishments.

Feel a sense of lost identity when not operating as a mom, wife, CEO,etc.

Have a codependent or strained relationship with close family members; specifically your mother or mother-figure.

Struggle with saying “no” or setting healthy boundaries.

Find yourself in unhealthy romantic relationships.

Find yourself “stretched thin.”

Experienced unprocessed grief or loss.

If you answered “that’s me” to at least 5 of the above then you are in the right place.

I specialize in working with women who experience Imposter Syndrome, Superwoman Syndrome, and grief. I help women shift from a place of overwork and burden to a place of peace and ease!

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