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Are you overwhelmed? Exhausted from overthinking? Tired of talking yourself out of opportunities due to self-doubt or fear? Do you feel like an imposter? Tired of being the strong friend? Are you struggling to come to terms with your sexuality or identity? Need a safe space to voice your nontraditional or radical values/lifestyle ? Is past trauma negatively impacting your relationships? Are you struggling to find BALANCE? If this sounds like you I CAN HELP. Healing can be complicated and scary and that can lead to the fear that you aren't ready. My role is to meet you where you are RIGHT NOW and support you as you meet your goals. You don't have to do this alone.

My clinical approach can be described as relatable, validating, challenging, and honest. I specialize in working with women who struggle with managing anxiety, boundaries, life stress, relationships, processing trauma, and communication.

I know how it feels to LOOK strong, to LOOK like you have it all together, and to try to meet self-imposed, family, or society's impossible standards. My goal is to offer a safe space where you are validated and feel seen, a place that allows you to be uncensored and truly embrace your individuality; as you define what a healthy life and mind mean to you.

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