From the outside looking in you are highly successful, but deep down you feel something is not quite right. Although you've "moved on" from stressful experiences in your childhood, the impact of those years have left lasting wounds on your relationships with your family of origin and--if you're being completely honest--they've impacted your relationship with yourself too.

On top of that, recent changes in your life -- your relationship, job, or COVID-19 pandemic -- seem harder to adjust to than you expected. It is taking a toll on your relationships, the way you parent, and the way you see yourself. You find yourself getting frustrated more easily. It’s been harder to keep up with all your responsibilities, and you can literally feel the tension in your body. You are ready to look inward to gain healing insights, get unstuck and regain control over your life.

I believe that anyone can find himself or herself in circumstances which can change their life for the better or worse. When that happens, it is important to have a competent, professional, caring person to help you navigate challenges.

I am caring, empathic, and non-judgmental counselor with over a decade of experience. Having worked competently across cultures, I pride myself in treating everyone as unique individuals and reaching the heart of my clients. I have particular expertise working with Black and Caribbean Individuals, Couples, and Families.

In our sessions we will explore how life experiences (recent and not so recent) have impacted you. We will build upon your strengths, your wisdom, and resilience that you already have as well as help you get the tools you need to move from surviving to thriving in your relationships and life.

The person that heals them selves heals their parents, their children, and their children's children. This is something indigenous peoples have understood for centuries and that modern science is now learning to be true too. You deserve to unlock generations of healing. Schedule a session with me to discuss how.

Keep Going... Your Healing is insight.

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My practice offers virtual groups on Self-Care, stress management, and Childhood Trauma healing for Woman. Please go to the website (www.yourhealinginsight.com) t0 schedule your free consult, email inquiries@yourhealinginsight.com for more information, or call 954-546-3545