Dr. Currie is the founder and sole mental health provider for Psychological Services for Internal Safety. If you are seeking a safe space to express and experience feelings of being overwhelmed, defeated, neglected, or scared in the ongoing challenges of being depressed, experiencing sadness, feeling anxious, or being triggered by trauma I can help. Through therapy I hope to understand your life experiences and psychological needs. We will examine your childhood experiences and every moment of your life that has meaning. Therapy will explore your conscious and unconscious thoughts, because what you internalize is important to every part of your being. Therapy will also help with developing connection, transparency, and resiliency.
Dr. Currie has many awards and accolades that reflect her passion for working with communities of color. She has been described as flexible, open minded, compassionate, and intuitive. She has worked in state and city hospitals, forensic settings, community mental health clinics, and private practice providing culturally sensitive treatment.
PSIS is focused on supporting each client to develop internal safety. Having an internal safe place is so valuable to psychological health. An internal safe space is connected to healing, grace, and compassion for self. To be internally safe is to be secure in your identity, committed to your truth, and confident in the decisions you are making in your life.

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