My name is Tiara Kendrick. I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and I started my own counseling practice in Ohio, Zion Counseling and Wellness Enrichment Center, LLC. I have 8 years of counseling and mentoring experience. I live by sayings such as "change your mind then you will change your mood, and change your focus to change your feelings." My personal mission is to provide hope, help, and healing to those in need, including adults, couples, youth, as well as families. I have a passion to build hope for the future and renew clients' point of view about their life. I graduated from the Ohio State University with three degrees as well as a fourth degree from Walden University, providing me with over 12 years of education offering a solid foundation of Mental Health Counseling and Human Development and Family Science studies. This has helped me to understand the needs of various individuals throughout the lifespan and I am comfortable working with various ages. I am positive that I have either the education, or the personal experiences (through working with other clients similar to your needs or through her own growth from the pains and pressures of life) to help support and advocate with you to learn to function better in every area of life. In addition, I offer Christian counseling if requested and we can use prayer, scriptures, and other faith based principles to help you renew your life; emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. I have experience working with clients who need help overcoming depression, reducing anxiety, improving decision making, budgeting, or communication skills, stress management, strengthening your social life, or successfully managing lifestyle changes (from divorce/relationship strains, to job promotions or changes, to parenting struggles or health issues) or healing from trauma.

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