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My name is Tiana. I am an individual and couples therapist in Dallas, Texas. I am the owner and primary therapist at You & Me + Therapy ♥. I have my masters degree that specializes in looking at situations through a relational perspective. Below you will see a 3 DESCRIPTIONS of the type of clients that I help. Many of my clients come to me because they are completely stuck. Together we come up with solutions to help them feel empowered and confident move past their issues and towards a successful healthy life!

DESCRIPTION 1: Couples Therapy ♡
“I feel so lonely and confused. I love my partner but I just can’t do THIS anymore. I knew going in that relationships take work. But, is it supposed to be THIS HARD? I feel so stuck. Nothing I try changes anything. It is like we just keep hitting a BRICK wall that is pushing us further apart. I just don’t know what to do!” -Distressed Partner

DESCRIPTION 2: Individual Therapy ♡
“I feel like I'M DROWNING and I just don’t know how to stay afloat! I never guessed that this would be my life. I can’t tell up from down and I don’t know what direction to go. I feel STUCK in my circumstances. The people around me just don’t understand what I’m going through. I feel all ALONE. And, I’m so SCARED that the waves just might overtake me.” -No Longer Myself Individual

DESCRIPTION 3: Premarital Counseling ♡
“We are getting married and I am so EXCITED! However, sometimes when we argue or have differences, I get worried. And, when I’m alone, there are moments when I question “DO WE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE THIS LAST FOREVER?” I know we love each other and are committed but I just can’t shake this feeling that we need some tools that will prevent us from going through the same hang-ups that have broken up so many other marriages before ours”. -Worried Engaged Partner


If so, you're exactly the type of client that I help! Let me provide you with hope, healing, and guidance to find and maintain the connections that are most important in your life! I challenge you to start a new relationship with yourself, your partner, or other important people in your life and find the connections you have been missing! I look forward to meeting you soon! - Tiana ♡

♡ Couples Therapy
♡ Individual Therapy
♡ Premarital Counseling

♡ Improving Sexual or Emotional Intimacy Issues
♡ Resolving Conflict & Communication Problems
♡ Repairing Trust Between a Couple
♡ Empowering Engaged or Newly Married Couples
♡ Building Self-Confidence
♡ Developing Healthy Relationships
♡ Coping With a Break-Up or Divorce
♡ Overcoming Past Traumatic Experiences

You can go to my website and REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT or you can call me for a FREE-15 MINUTE CONSULTATION.

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