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Have you been feeling off-balance lately? Do you ever get that pit in your stomach or feel like you’re unable to relax? You may have a hard time getting out of your head and being able to think clearly. Perhaps, you feel that you can’t trust yourself; can’t trust your judgment, can’t trust that you are good enough, or maybe you feel you can’t trust your body to cooperate with your wishes. It can be frightening to feel out of control. There is a lot of pressure for us to have everything figured out on our own, but we thrive when we have support. Know that you are not alone.

It is my privilege to provide a warm, open space for you to regain trust in yourself. In therapy, we would work together to make lasting changes by accepting your vulnerabilities and building on your strengths. The goal is to empower you with coping skills and new ways of thinking in order to release the hold of the past and take back ownership of your life.

I specialize in working with multiple types of trauma, anxiety, life transitions, perinatal mental wellness, women’s health, stress management, and depression. Taking the first steps toward healing can be difficult. Kudos to you for doing so. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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